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The Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves in Dunwoody, Georgia

remodel kitchenWhen considering a home remodel, the kitchen is often the first thing that comes to mind. Older homes featured kitchens that were typically enclosed rooms separated from the other living areas and this is often an issue for modern families looking for an open kitchen off a great room. Outdated cabinetry is also a common complaint, but there are many design preferences to consider. Below are five commonly requested features.

Pantry - A popular kitchen storage solution is the Butler’s Pantry, which enables you to actually walk into a pantry and offers unparalleled storage. However, if space is limited a functional pantry can be fashioned by creating a small closet with shelves. The important thing is to offer storage for items that simply don’t belong in a cabinet.

Lighting - The importance of updated lighting cannot be overstated. Track lighting above an island is very popular, but individual tastes should be considered when installing new light sources. Bright and white are pretty good rule of thumbs.

Cabinets - Old cabinets can be an eyesore and are usually the first things to go during a kitchen rehab. Strong wood cabinets with minimalist hardware create sleek lines and can add visual interest.

Island - Kitchen islands are still popular for good reason - they provide more space in a way that is functional and enables movement. Some things to consider are whether the island should serve solely as a table for prepping and eating meals, or whether it should provide storage options, a countertop stove, or a sink area.

Space - All families tend to congregate in the kitchen area. One popular kitchen remodeling request is to make the kitchen bigger. Speak to your contractor about how to do this. Often, walls can be torn down to create more space. Even if this is not an option, there are design elements that promote a spacious feel, such as removing doors and adding extra doorways to enclosed kitchens to provide multiple access points.

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