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How to Adapt a Home for Accessibility in Druid Hill, Georgia

basement finishingWith a large aging population, there is an increasing demand for adapted or accessible homes. Whether the concern is for the homeowners as they approach their golden years, or the need stems from an elderly relative, home remodeling projects tend to feature ergonomic designs that are functional and accessible for a range of ages and abilities.

Working with a knowledgeable contractor with plenty of experience in residential remodeling is the best way to ensure your money is well-spent and that the end result is one that is fully customized to your needs. When considering adapting your home, there are three important areas to discuss.


This is undoubtedly the most important area you will design when adapting your home. After all, the bathroom is the place where you’ll have the most privacy and require the greatest amount of independence. Yet it is also the place where many accidents can occur. Some popular ergonomic features include making the space bigger to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs, a curbless shower to reduce risk of fall, a built in seat in the shower, adapted toilets raised a bit higher with a side bar, touchless faucets, and even motion-activated lights. Non-slip flooring and plenty of grab bars in wet areas are also quite practical.


Kitchens are rarely designed specifically with the aim of making a home accessible or adapted for a range of abilities. However, if there is a possibility that an elderly person may live in the home, why not make the kitchen an area where they can be independent without sacrificing safety. Non-slip flooring, plenty of space, and counters at a customized height are all ways in which a home can be adapted to make life easier and safer.


The most important place in terms of safety and accessibility is also one which is often overlooked. A home’s exterior, particularly its main entrance, should always be designed with consideration of whether it will be safe for elderly relatives who may need wheelchairs or walkers. Larger walkways and driveways that are paved and smooth, clear of any possible tripping hazards are an absolute must. Larger doorways and even ramps are all important design elements to review with your contractor.

There are many reasons to invest in adapting your home for accessibility. Whether you have an elderly relative who may need your care, or you simply want to be ready should you need certain adaptations in your later years, the time to think of these things is now.

Are you ready to make your home accessible and adapted to your current or future needs? Our company has years of experience adapting homes for homeowners in Druid Hills, Georgia and the entire Atlanta metro area. Give us a call today at (404) 734-7343 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation and see how we can help adapt your home for greater accessibility.

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