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Is Design Build Right for Your Virginia Highland/Atlanta, GA Home Renovation?

design-build-right-for-your-virginia-highland-atlantaWith the economy in Virginia Highland and the entire Atlanta metro area booming, home renovations are becoming increasingly desired as homeowners find that they have more money to invest in improving their homes.

The fastest growing trend for contracting companies is Design-Build. This means that both the design and the construction phases of a project are provided by the same company. This is in contrast to the traditional Design-Bid-Build model where a homeowner would typically have to hire a designer and a contractor separately and have them work together to complete the renovation.

But why is Design-Build the way to go for residents in Virginia Highland and the rest of Atlanta’s metro area? Check out the following 3 reasons why Design-Build makes sense.

Maximize Efficiency Everyone loves a “one stop shop” because it reduces communication issues between multiple parties and helps keep things clear legally, since there is only one contract. Maximizing efficiency is much easier when only one company is involved from beginning to end of a home improvement project.

Save Time and Money According to one report published by the American Society of Civil Engineers , when compared to the traditional Design-Bid-Build method, using a Design-Build contractor can reduce costs by up to 43% and can lower the amount of time required for completion of the project by about 33%.

Minimize Risk By having all aspects of a project handled by the same contractor, you minimize the chances for misunderstandings and errors, as well as eradicating the risk of disagreements. This results in fewer issues to prolong the renovation and reduces the possibilities for errors that prove costly. Studies show there are also fewer lawsuits with this method.

From examining options to designing and completing your home improvement project, choosing a Design-Build contractor is the easiest way to reduce the usual stress associated with home renovations and also save a bit of money on the overall project.

Want to learn more about design-build and why it will work for you? Our team has the experience in home construction to provide you with solutions and choices that will ensure your design-build project is efficient, valuable, and minimally invasive. Give us a call today at 404.734.7343 to see why we are one of the premier home contractors in Georgia serving Virginia Highland and the entire Atlanta metro area.

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