Turn Your Attic Space into a Livable Area

Adapted Living SpacesAny homeowner with the need for more space should consider squeezing a few hundred, extra square feet out of their existing structure rather than an expansion. In addition to the cost savings, you will not have to deal with as many neighborhood deed restrictions, if any, and you won't have to jump through hoops when dealing with your local zoning boards. The best, most affordable way to accomplish this goal is with an attic expansion. Attics are no longer the area where old trunks and disused furniture go to die. Instead, they can be transformed into a spare bedroom, an office, a playroom, a home movie theater or even a sound studio. The space is already there, it merely takes your imagination and a little bit of effort to fully develop it. If you are contemplating a home expansion, whether it is confined to the existing structure or not, consider contacting the professionals at Adapted Living Spaces. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can guide you in your efforts to convert the attic of your Atlanta-area home into a more useful and livable space. To be on your way to getting the most out of your home call us at 888-607-3760.

Do You Need to Make a Bedroom Addition to Your Home?

home-additionDo you need to make a bedroom addition to your home? A growing family or the need to care for a loved one are only two of the reasons you might need space. Maybe you need a home office for yourself or your better half so that you spend more time at home with the family. Whatever the reason, the addition of more space offers a host of benefits. More room leads to less stress for everyone in the family. Just having a room to call your own is great for a teenager looking for some privacy, an elderly loved one looking for some quiet or a harried parent looking for a quick break from the kids. Adding a room to an existing home is also easy and affordable. If you a considering such a project in the Atlanta area, consider the professionals at Adapted Living Spaces. Our team has the expertise, experience and resources to guide you through the entire process from planning through building. Speak with us directly at 888-607-3760 or visit our website, www.adaptedlivingspaces.com to begin discussing adding a bedroom to your home. Google Images

Get ready for Spring and Summer with a Sunroom Addition

eclectic-sunroomThere are many ways to make changes when you are remodeling your Atlanta area home . One beautiful option is a sunroom addition, which allows you to enjoy the view from your home, and adds welcoming living space. With the many styles of sunroom additions, it is easy to find one that fits your needs. Designer Dwelling Designs To blend your sunroom addition with the existing lines of your home, a peaked roof is a beautiful option. This style can be formal or informal, depending on the style of your house, and it can give you a cozy space to enjoy the view at your home. Another popular style of sunroom is one with a cupola on the roof. To bring in additional light, a cupola with windows utilizes the roof for additional natural light.They can be designed to look like a gazebo or a more traditional sunroom. A prefabricated sunroom adds a greenhouse-like addition to your home which is perfect for those who enjoy gardening. It gives you the addition you want, but also provides the perfect environment to bring a little nature into your home. What ideas have you been considering for your Atlanta home's sunroom?