Expand the Family Room

gender neutralA crowded party is usually considered a successful one. Nevertheless, having enough space to comfortably entertain your guests is a decided plus. Homeowners who love to entertain should consider the addition or expansion of a family room. These versatile spaces offer a range of options when it comes to having people over to the house. The family can enjoy “movie nights” in the rooms and then the next day, you can host a children’s birthday party or an informal buffets. There’s no need to break out the good china in the formal dining room. Similarly, an expansion to an existing family room can serve double duty as an office until the space is needed for the latest and greatest entertaining experience at your house. In short, adding or expanding a family room in an Atlanta home renovation gives you the space, flexibility and options to entertain in comfort and style. For more info, visit the professionals at Adapted Living Spaces.

Add on an In-Law Suite

in-law-suiteWith multiple generations living in close proximity, an in-law suite is a great idea. It is a good way to combine independent living and family support. USA Today stated: (62 percent) of builders surveyed were working on a home modification related to aging in 2010. About one in five builders added an entry-level bedroom. About 3.5 million American households last year included adult children and their parents — a number expected to rise as the country ages and baby boomers move into (retirement). With a little planning, a basement or garage can be built out or an extension can be added to the back of the house. If you are a bit more ambitious, you can even consider adding a separate, self-contained apartment. If you are considering adding a mother-in-law suite or any other Atlanta home remodeling project, contact the professionals at www.adaptedlivingspaces.com. Our expert staff can help you plan and build the ideal solution for you and your extended family.

How to Add an Additional Floor to Your Home

floor-additionDue to local ordinances and zoning laws, sometimes the only way to add room to a home is to go up. That is, add another floor to the house instead if expanding it on the ground level. What many homeowners don’t realize is that adding a second level is actually quite easy and affordable. The addition of a second level starts with the removal of the existing room. The substructure is then increased in height. All plumbing, electrical and HVAC is easily installed since there is ready access to each system. Finally, a new roof is built over the new addition. It is a remarkably straightforward process. When you need an extra bedroom, a game room, a workspace or even all three, adding an extra level to your home can be the most affordable option. In the Atlanta area, the team at Adapted Living Spaces has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process. If you have any questions about adding a second floor to your home or any other remodeling project, call them at 404-734-7343 or visit their website, www.adaptedlivingspaces.com.