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Design-Build in Buckhead and Atlanta, GA: Things to Know

design-build-in-buckhead-and-atlantayou have been thinking about a home improvement project, whether a home expansion or a home remodel, chances are you’ve come across the term “design-build.” But what is it, and why does it matter to you?

At its most basic, design-build refers to a method of construction where you obtain both the design and construction elements of a project from the same provider. Rather than having to hire a designer and a separate contractor, a design-build contractor can handle all aspects of a project.

Adapt Your Home Without Sacrificing Style in Decatur and Emory, GA

Home-Without-Sacrificing-StyleWhen considering any accessible living home improvement options, one of the wisest decisions you can make is to adapt your home as part of the home remodel. This ensures any current or near future live-in relative flexibility and comfort that is required, as well as the benefit you will have should you decide to live in the home well into the future.

One concern many homeowners have is that making a home accessible will have a negative impact on its style. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many home rehab options that are practical, accessible, and fashionable.

The Do's and Don'ts of Man Caves in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs, GA

Man-cavesOne of the most popular trends in home remodeling has been the surge in requests for man caves. A man cave is an area of the home specifically set aside and designed as a place where the man of the house can go to relax, whether to watch sports or tinker with a hobby. The large number of unfinished basement space in most Atlanta area homes makes the basement a prime location for this purpose, but a contractor experienced in home rehabs and home expansions can easily turn any area into the ideal man cave.

When deciding to hire a contractor to remodel or expand your home for this purpose, it is important to have a clear idea of what you hope will be the end result. Efficient communication is the only way to ensure satisfaction, so take a look at the tips below and get planning.

The Top 5 Kitchen Remodel Must-Haves in Dunwoody, Georgia

remodel kitchenWhen considering a home remodel, the kitchen is often the first thing that comes to mind. Older homes featured kitchens that were typically enclosed rooms separated from the other living areas and this is often an issue for modern families looking for an open kitchen off a great room. Outdated cabinetry is also a common complaint, but there are many design preferences to consider. Below are five commonly requested features.

Pantry - A popular kitchen storage solution is the Butler’s Pantry, which enables you to actually walk into a pantry and offers unparalleled storage. However, if space is limited a functional pantry can be fashioned by creating a small closet with shelves. The important thing is to offer storage for items that simply don’t belong in a cabinet.

Add Architectural Interest with a New Porch or Balcony in Sandy Springs, GA

new front porchAsk any homeowner and a pet peeve they often share is that they hate how all new homes tend to have monotonous and drab exteriors. Often, they would love features like a front porch, a screened patio, or a balcony, but think that exterior remodeling would be expensive and complicated.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

By working with an experienced contractor, you can design an outdoor living space which will suit your needs and budget. This is also a great option for those homeowners who would like a home expansion for more living space, but may be looking for ways to lower costs while also increasing their home’s value.

Home Additions in Buckhead, Georgia: Add A Story or Expand Ground Floor?

basement finishingSo you know you want to invest in a home expansion, but are confused about the best way to go about it? Should you expand the main floor, or should you add a floor to your home? Adding a second, or even a third, floor is not as costly as most people assume and may be a viable option if your outdoor space is limited.

Actually, even if you merely want a single room addition, a loft may be better than encroaching upon your outdoor living space. Not only are lofts popular, but they add the element of height, which creates a point of visual interest. Plus, outdoor space can best be used for a patio, pool, or garden. Often, due to zoning restrictions, the only option is a floor addition.

How to Adapt a Home for Accessibility in Druid Hill, Georgia

basement finishingWith a large aging population, there is an increasing demand for adapted or accessible homes. Whether the concern is for the homeowners as they approach their golden years, or the need stems from an elderly relative, home remodeling projects tend to feature ergonomic designs that are functional and accessible for a range of ages and abilities.

Working with a knowledgeable contractor with plenty of experience in residential remodeling is the best way to ensure your money is well-spent and that the end result is one that is fully customized to your needs. When considering adapting your home, there are three important areas to discuss.

The Top 3 Must Haves for the Perfect Bathroom Remodeling Project in Virginia Highland, Georgia

basement finishingLet’s face it - nothing makes a home seem more dated than its bathroom! If there is only one area in which to invest in your home, it is a bathroom remodeling. Whether you need an accessible bathroom with ergonomic features, or you just want to add value to your home with a bathroom rehab, there are many desirable features to consider. When faced with all the choices, where should you start?

When designing a bathroom rehab, there are a few must haves for today’s modern family. Below are the top three features that will ensure your bathroom remodel is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic to ensure a fully accessible bathroom that is functional for any age and ability.

Expand the Family Room

basement finishingA crowded party is usually considered a successful one. Nevertheless, having enough space to comfortably entertain your guests is a decided plus. Homeowners who love to entertain should consider the addition or expansion of a family room. These versatile spaces offer a range of options when it comes to having people over to the house. The family can enjoy “movie nights” in the rooms and then the next day, you can host a children’s birthday party or an informal buffets. There’s no need to break out the good china in the formal dining room. Similarly, an expansion to an existing family room can serve double duty as an office until the space is needed for the latest and greatest entertaining experience at your house. In short, adding or expanding a family room in an Atlanta home renovation gives you the space, flexibility and options to entertain in comfort and style. For more info, visit the professionals at Adapted Living Spaces.